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Karkoona illustrations for Android app


Project overview

The concept: Set Up illustrations

Illustrations for the Karkoona Android app. Karkoona allows anyone to communicate with a vehicle owner by searching for their license number. As long as the vehicle owner is registered with Karkoona, he/she will get your message. If the vehicle owner has not yet registered with Karkoona, the message will be attached to their license plate and any included upvotes or downvotes will be visible in their unregistered profile when searched.

The purpose: Contact vehicle owners

Karkoona lets you contact other vehicle owners. The Illustrations should provide visual support to the text shown alongside the illustrations. The creators of the app wanted simple but colorful illustrations with added textures for detail and shadows.

The Features: get notified

Get notified when another user contacts you or send a message yourself.

The Result: a successful project

The illustrations are added to the Android app and users are now introduced to a colorful tutorial when they open the app for the first time.

Interested in a illustrations for your own app, website or service? Don't hesitate and reach out to me for more information

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